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Connect Dots->Fail->Why Are We Here?

Parachute sketch, Da Vinci.

Fact: I’m absurd.  I think in ways that are confusing at best.  Yet, writing often relies on some unusual types of thinking, on the writer making connections that other people do not necessarily make.   Like that connection over there– ohwow!  See, you missed it.  (Snap.)  

Sometimes these connect-the-dots are really far-flung, like this one I’m chasing right now…  which leads to my questions on different ways of thinking and seeing– why do we need writers, painters, musicians and their kind?  Is art really necessary for a society to move itself forward?  Why do we need so many different kinds of art?

Why?  Because as humans, we need these stories for survival and furthering our lives.  Because art drives creativity, and creativity is what ultimately creates the thing known as ‘future’.  Because each unique voice, each medium, tells different stories and connects different dots in different sequences.    And whether we admit it or not, we’re hardwired for making these connections not just with ideas, but with each other. 

I’ve come to believe our beauty as a species lies in these places of inter-connectedness, and perhaps even more so in the moments when those connections are drawn across a night sky and into joint imaginations.   And in each of those imaginations lies the potential for reaching back out to the world with a new sound, story, image, idea.

Yet each of these imaginations is like yet another constellation unto itself, with different ways seeing, telling, listening.  Different ways of breaking  apart and putting back together.  And with creativity, we are able see that some things aren’t broken, they just need to find a different way of being put together.  Because pieces of a broken vase are not garbage, they’re pieces of art glass dying to be put into a mobile and hung in a window. 

The path of creativity in arts and sciences, like the path of human nature, is full of jagged lines and broken pieces.  But when you hang the pieces together into a mobile, the light shines through making colors and shapes you wouldn’t otherwise have.  What stunning light.  You stand back and admire what would have otherwise been a non-entity– beauty in its place.

Yes, this borders on all sorts of creative-personality cliches, but that’s one of my favorite places to dwell.  And somehow I’ll hope to blur and blend some lines and shapes other people have drawn.  So that others too might come along with their paints and scrapers, cylinders and words. That they might put forth their own connections.  That they might reach even farther into this messy and ever-expanding web of human endeavors. 

Because really, whatever else are we here for?


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