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Possibly Related

After agonizing over the renaming of my yet-to-be-used blog, I finally came to something which had etymological significance that will hopefully, in the course of time, come to have greater significance. 

In the meantime, I should note that I’ve encountered my first rabbit hole in the blogosphere.  It goes by the name of “possibly related posts”.  When, much like Alice, I headed down the Rabbit Hole, I found myself in a strange world where truly nothing was as it seems.  Everything that I had considered myself was now being reflected back in a strange and not altogether pleasant fashion. 

However, what I learned from this cyber-rabbit-hole experience is that no matter how much I might try, I cannot pull myself away from certain elements of myself that I don’t wish to see.

Below is an experiment/reposting of the comment I made on my first post.

          *     *     *     *     *

The ‘possibly related posts (automatically generated)’ feature believes my post might be similar to “holly jolly gift card” and “stiches gone”.

In response:
Was Ophelia self-harming? Yes, she committed suicide.

Might ‘holly jolly gift card’ be tagged as ’socially acceptable greetings’? Yes, but the whole of my very short post has been taken entirely out of context. I realize this will be the first of many ‘learnings’ on my blogging journey.

Of note: this has created a complex schadenfreude-type feeling in my writer’s brain. I’m now aware that by re-posting this as a blog and still allowing the ‘related posts’ feature, I might stumble upon some things of interest.

Here’s to self-aggrandizement, Nietzsche, etymology, satire, and computer science engineers.

Next on my agenda: head directly to my dashboard to turn off the ‘possibly related posts’ feature. Or not?


One thought on “Possibly Related

  1. Fabulous first post! I learned a new word today 😉

    I very much look forward to reading more of your writing on this promising blog!

    Wishing you all the best in the world of cyber-rabbit-holes.


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