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Learning ‘hello’


1.) One of the most common and socially acceptable greetings in the English-speaking world.

2.) A word used with different voice inflections creating different context.


1.) A verb that makes the world go ’round.

2.) Something that Hamlet possessed but did him little service.

3.) A verb that I adore.

Learning + Hello =  subject line for virgin post by cyber-shy writer.


One thought on “Learning ‘hello’

  1. The ‘possibly related posts (automatically generated)’ feature believes my post might be similar to “holly jolly gift card” and “stiches gone”.

    In response:
    Was Ophelia self-harming? Yes, she committed suicide.

    Might ‘holly jolly gift card’ be tagged as ‘socially acceptable greetings’? Yes, but the whole of my very short post has been taken entirely out of context. I realize this will be the first of many ‘learnings’ on my blogging journey.

    Of note: this has created a complex schadenfreude-type feeling in my writer’s brain. I’m now aware that by re-posting this as a blog and still allowing the ‘related posts’ feature, I might stumble upon some things of interest.

    Here’s to Fruede, Nietsche, etymology, satire, and computer science engineers.

    Next on my agenda is heading directly to my dashboard to turn off the ‘possibly related posts’ feature. Or not?

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