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‘Bacon Beer’ and Wall Street

Mmm, bacon.  On its main page earlier today, MSNBC showed a picture of something called ‘bacon beer’ along with a storyline about various gourmet beers.  Right next to that story is equally pithy coverage of an unfolding event that really should have higher billing than bacon and beer combined.  What is this thing more sacred than bacon or beer you ask?  It is participatory … Continue reading

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Dear Whoever-Reads-These-Kinds-of-Things, I’ve been silent for too long.  Not at all silent with my voice, but silent with my heart.  And that, dear readers, is the worst kind of silence.  As I’m writing, it begins to speak again.  Or at least it’s trying.  It lets out a few pitiful wheezes and coughs, sputters, then tries again.  I’m pretty sure … Continue reading

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The Ruins

The Ruins   I want to live among the ruins,  among blocks I’ve stumbled on:  the remnants of a childhood  —its own ancient civilization—  ended before the scribes  could hammer it out.    I want to live among the ruins, like an historian or archeologist:  brushing carefully each sanded step  —tools and footprints left behind— … Continue reading

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Connect Dots->Fail->Why Are We Here?

Fact: I’m absurd.  I think in ways that are confusing at best.  Yet, writing often relies on some unusual types of thinking, on the writer making connections that other people do not necessarily make.   Like that connection over there– ohwow!  See, you missed it.  (Snap.)   Sometimes these connect-the-dots are really far-flung, like this one I’m chasing … Continue reading

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Possibly Related

After agonizing over the renaming of my yet-to-be-used blog, I finally came to something which had etymological significance that will hopefully, in the course of time, come to have greater significance.  In the meantime, I should note that I’ve encountered my first rabbit hole in the blogosphere.  It goes by the name of “possibly related … Continue reading